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Race or Ruin: Sons of Redemption MC #3

As the president of the Sons of Redemption MC, Race barely has any time to himself. Between juggling all things SORMC related, spending what time he can with his children and constantly keeping an eye out for threats, his personal life has become repetitive and dull.

When a friend of the wife of one of his club brothers moves in next door to him, Race is instantly intrigued. He finds himself watching her from his window like a teenage boy, hoping to get any glimpse of her he can get. His children tease him relentlessly and if his brothers at the club ever found out, they’d give him ten kinds of hell.

He tries to keep his distance, but for one reason or another, he finds himself in her company more than he intends. He’s forced to continually remind himself that there’s no place for her in his life. She’s too soft and sweet. She isn’t old lady material.

Or so he thought.

Bellamy feels like a complete idiot. Why is she so hung up on the Sons of Redemption MC president? Of all the men in the world, why him? The man is impossible and she swears his only interest in her is to drive her nuts.

As her landlord, he takes forever to fix things at her house. He’s constantly surrounded by skanky women, one of which shows up on her doorstep, and the worst offense of all was when he stole her refrigerator and her Rocky Road ice cream. Seriously? Who does that? Who steals a woman’s ice cream? 

While Bellamy is trying to figure out if she should pack up and move to another house, one far away from her sexy and infuriating neighbor, things at the club are heating up. Will Race’s club life spill over into Bellamy’s? Will he be able to protect her from past enemies? Most importantly, will he be able to convince her he has had a change of heart and wants her in his life, now and always?

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