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What If: Hell's Minions MC

What if …

A stupid game people played just to torture themselves when they don’t like the way things worked out.

What if it had been me who stayed behind?

What if she had seen me first?

What if I’d been the one she tricked into marrying her?

Would he be the one living the dream life right now?

Cole was through playing the “what if” game. The fact of the matter was, Sophie was married to his best friend and that was never going to change. It was time for him to accept that and move on. Then he wonders, what if he found someone to call his own? Would his feelings for Sophie go away?

He tries his best to keep a lid on his feelings with booze and women, but none of them move him the way she does. She’s smart, funny, loving to her family and friends, and sexy as hell. The more time he spends with her and Slate, the harder it is to be around them, wishing he was the one going home with her and waking up next to her every morning.

He feels like a loser, pining for a woman that can never be his. He tells himself he has to stop obsessing over his best friend’s wife. The man is like a brother to him. What kind of man covets his best friend’s wife?

One night, he reaches his breaking point. He can’t take being so close to Sophie and not let his feelings for her be known. He knows if she or Slate ever found out, their friendship would be over. He can’t risk having the two most important people in his life hating him, so he leaves town to get his head straight.

He thinks he’s making progress in his new life until his club president calls and tells him there is an emergency and he needs to come home. Hanging up, he’s forced to admit that his feelings for Sophie are still there. He’d failed to exercise her from his heart. It didn’t matter, it was time to man up.

Cole had avoided his club responsibilities long enough; he heads home with every intention of being the best friend he can be to Slate and Sophie. The operative word being “friend”. The true test to his vow will be the first time he comes face to face with Sophie.

Will he be able to be around her and not tell her how he feels? What if he told her? What if she returned his feelings? What if she told him to drop dead? What if Slate wanted to kill him?

What if …

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