Down and Dirty Romance With Hot Alpha Bad Boys

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A night out on the town with his brothers was just what he needed. Constantly dodging his ex’s calls and text messages was wearing on Tuck. He didn’t care what she had to say. He’d ended things with her and nothing she said would change his mind.

As his eyes scan the dance floor, they land on a beautiful strawberry blonde woman in a hot little black dress and heels. The way she dances and moves to the music is inspiring. She spins around and he’s completely caught off guard to discover that it’s Kylie, his friend the computer whiz. Where had she been hiding this version of herself? In his drunken state all he can think is that he has to have her.

What’s a girl supposed to do when the man she’s been half in love with since the very first kiss he gave her at fourteen says he has to have you? You go with him obviously. The night was everything Kylie could have ever hoped for—hot, steamy, earth moving—until he calls her another woman’s name and passes out. Devastated, she tries to leave but realizes she has no car. She’s all set to call for a cab, but one of his club brothers stumbles across her and offers to give her a ride home.

Several weeks go by with no word from Tuck. Then the club president calls and offers her a job, but she’s worried about seeing Tuck again. Not only does she see him at the Sons of Redemption clubhouse, she sees him with another woman. Before she can seal the deal on her new job and get out of there, she runs into Tuck and by the time she’s done talking to him, she realizes he has no memory of their night together. Unbelievable.



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