Down and Dirty Romance With Hot Alpha Bad Boys

Available March 22

Trick or Treat: Sons of Redemption MC #2

Trick may have met his match.

The woman in his bed was sexy as hell and up for anything. Two things he found hard to resist. If he hadn’t been burned so badly by his ex-wife, he might consider seeing where this fiery attraction between them might lead.

Thinking to take advantage of what Lindsey is offering one more time before he tells her goodbye, he’s stunned to find her gone from his bed the next morning. He’s disappointed but tells himself it’s for the best. Spending too much time with a woman like Lindsey might have him doing something stupid, like maybe rethinking his bachelor status.

With his plate already filled with trying to figure out his ex’s next move, his club being in the process of taking on a support club and having to constantly make sure his kids were safe and well taken care of, he resolves to forget the woman who intrigues the hell out of him.

Showing up for his son’s parent/teacher conference, he couldn’t have been more surprised if he’d been struck by lightning. The woman he couldn’t stop thinking about also happened to be his son’s teacher. What were the odds?

As an elementary school teacher, Lindsey isn’t sure there is room in her life for a rough around the edges man like Trick. Sure, they had a physical chemistry that was off the charts, but could it, in all honesty, ever work between them?

Not that it was an option. It was all just fantasy and wishful thinking on her part, and it wasn’t like she ever planned on seeing the man again. She’d had one glorious night in his bed, and it had been enough to tell her she was playing with fire and if she wasn’t careful, she could get burned.

Shocked to her core, she almost had a heart attack when he walked into her classroom. Of all the ways she had imagined a chance encounter, never had she thought it would be as a father to one of her students. Holy cow! He was a dad! A hot, sexy, biker dad. Who would have thought?

Seeing him again, she is quickly reminded of why she had been so drawn to him in the first place. From his tall frame to his coffee brown eyes to his too long blond hair and his sexy, confident swagger, the man was every woman’s deepest darkest fantasy.

She is also reminded of something someone once told her about being careful what she wished for because it might just come true. Rats. Maybe she should have taken the advice more seriously.

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