What do you do when the past you’ve been desperately running from finally catches up to you? Do you walk away from the life you’ve built and the woman you love, or do you fight?

Gray Landry was born and raised in the Hell’s Minions Motorcycle Club. Living under his father, Mayhem’s brutal thumb, his only dream was to someday get away. When the chance to leave for ten years comes along, he jumps at it.  The only problem with leaving the club is he will be leaving his younger brothers behind too.

Fast forward ten years …

Gray’s life is everything he could have hoped for. He has his own successful guns and ammo business.  He’s married to a beautiful woman named Kendal. She’s loving, intelligent, strong, independent and one kick-ass mechanic. And lately she’s been talking about babies.

Then, one day the phone calls start coming. Mayhem is demanding Gray come back.  His time is up. It’s time to return to Hell. To Mayhem. But how does he walk away from the one thing that makes life worth living?

Not surprisingly, Mayhem forces his hand—come home or Kendal will suffer.  Left with no other choice, Gray walks away, leaving his wife stunned and heartbroken.

As Gray’s new life moves forward, he sees the toll his decisions are taking on his wife and his heart bleeds.  He knows if he ever wants to keep her safe and win her back, he’ll have to team up with his brothers and take down Mayhem once and for all.  It won’t be easy with his father wreaking havoc, but they were going to end it or die trying.

When all hope is lost, hold on.

All Blue Landry ever wanted was for his club to be free of his sadistic father’s control and to have his brother, Gray back in his life.  After a long, hard fight, his dreams are realized. 

It was also a dream of his and a handful of trusted Minion brothers, that the club get out of the drugs and gun smuggling business and into something legitimate.  A business that would keep them out of jail, or worse, ending up dead.

For the last six months, he’s been meeting Ridley Easton, the woman who patched him up after he was severely beaten. The woman calls to him like no other woman he’s ever met.  He knows she’s special and way out of his league, but he can’t help being drawn to her.

Before he can decide whether or not to take their friendship to the next level, he finds unknown enemies are causing chaos for his club. Much to Blue’s displeasure, their focus eventually turns to Ridley. 

Should he let her go or hold on?

Deciding the best way to protect her is to turn his back on their friendship, he puts all his focus into club business and smoking out the threat.  For a while his plan appears to be working. Although he misses her greatly, he feels that he is doing the right thing. Until the danger plaguing his club focuses its sites on her. Then all bets are off.


What did she do to him?

Some people say Ruger is an unapologetic player, a user of women. They say it like it’s a bad thing. He could care less. He was the enforcer for the Hell’s Minions MC. He liked to ride, drink and sex it up with any woman willing to put out. It wasn’t his fault that women threw themselves at him. If they were offering and easy on the eyes, who was he to tell them no. He didn’t set out to break hearts, but it had happened a time or two. He never promised any of them forever. Hell, half the time he didn’t even promise a whole night. He did promise that they would have a good time.

Lately, though, he found himself wondering what it would feel like to wake up with the same woman in his bed every morning. It seems to be working for his friends Blue and Gray but the women they found are not your average women. They were the kind that were few and far between. If it wasn’t for that night with Josie, he wouldn’t be thinking such crazy things and it pissed him off. He liked his life just fine. Or he thought he did. Why did she have to make him question it?

What was she thinking?

Josie was happy with her life, if not completely satisfied. She loved her job as a bartender, loved her college classes, except for one, and was close to graduating. She was counting the days. She’d worked so hard to earn her degree that she’d sacrificed her personal life. Specifically, in the romance department. She couldn’t even remember the last good date she’d been on or the last time she’d had sex.

Speaking of sex…she spots one of the brothers from the Hell’s Minions MC come into her bar. Ruger. The one starring in all her naughty fantasies. She often entertained the idea of giving in to his charms while she was doing a favor for the club but seeing the way he went through women kept her from going there.

She knows she’s nothing more than a challenge to him. She’s the one that turned him down. His ego can’t allow that, so he’s been hanging around, wanting to do things as “friends”. One night during a game of Truth or Dare and a bottle of whisky, she thinks, what the heck? What could it hurt to take Ruger up on his offer of one night of down and dirty sex to escape the mess her life has become? She knows in the morning when she’s sober and thinking clearly, she’ll look back on this moment with regret. And, boy, does she regret it?

Ruger knows he should be happy. He got what he wanted. He got his one night with Josie and it was time to move on. He has no doubts that with little effort he could have her and the life he never knew he wanted. It’s all there for the taking. But before he can figure out what it is that he want’s, another swoops in and tries to take her away. That’s when he realizes she’s His to Lose.




April 13th. Just a date on a calendar, right? Not for Shooter. Nope. That was the day his heart was ripped out of his chest and thrown in a blender. A day that changed his life forever.

In high school he’d foolishly thought he and Quinn would marry after graduation and eventually start a family. He’d prospect for the Hell’s Minions MC and she’d go to college.

Wasn’t it a kick in the head when life had a way of not going as planned? As far as he was concerned, it was all Quinn’s fault and he’d blame her until the day he died for throwing away what they could have had.

Fine. Life goes on.

Fast forward twelve years.

He should have known today, of all days, would be the day Quinn Palmer came crashing back into his life. April 13th. Just his luck.

If it wasn’t for an urgent call from his sister Mia saying she was in trouble, he would have never come face to face with the woman who wrecked his world. He wouldn’t be standing here with all the old hurts and memories he’d buried with booze and women for the last twelve years clawing at his insides.

Part of him wanted to make sure she and Quinn got home safe, then abruptly disappear from her life like she did his and never look back. Another part of him wanted to grab her by the arms and shake her, demanding to know why she destroyed everything between them.

If this was Fate giving them a do over, wouldn’t he be a fool not to take it?


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. That was the slogan, right? Well, for Slate that wasn’t necessarily the case.

What started out as a drunken celebration in honor of one of his club brothers getting married, ended up being a night he couldn’t forget. Scratch that. It was a night he couldn’t remember. Like in, he had no memory at all of what he might have done that night.

All he knows is that he came back with more than he had gone out there with. If the marriage certificate in his duffel bag and the silver wedding band on his finger were anything to go by, he was married. Married!? What the hell?

He has no memory of who this mystery wife is or even what she looks like. For that matter, where the hell is she? Someone suggested he scroll through his pictures on his phone to see if there were any clues.

His Hell’s Minions brothers found the whole idea that he was married to some random woman hysterical. Slate, not so much. As far as he was concerned, his best course of action would be to hunt this woman down and ask her for an annulment. If that didn’t work, he’d beg her for a divorce.

What if …

A stupid game people played just to torture themselves when they don’t like the way things worked out.

What if it had been me who stayed behind?

 What if she had seen me first?

 What if I’d been the one she tricked into marrying her?

 Would he be the one living the dream life right now?

 Cole was through playing the “what if” game. The fact of the matter was, Sophie was married to his best friend and that was never going to change. It was time for him to accept that and move on. Then he wonders, what if he found someone to call his own? Would his feelings for Sophie go away?

He tries his best to keep a lid on his feelings with booze and women, but none of them move him the way she does. She’s smart, funny, loving to her family and friends, and sexy as hell. The more time he spends with her and Slate, the harder it is to be around them, wishing he was the one going home with her and waking up next to her every morning.

He feels like a loser, pining for a woman that can never be his. He tells himself he has to stop obsessing over his best friend’s wife. The man is like a brother to him. What kind of man covets his best friend’s wife?

One night, he reaches his breaking point. He can’t take being so close to Sophie and not let his feelings for her be known. He knows if she or Slate ever found out, their friendship would be over. He can’t risk having the two most important people in his life hating him, so he leaves town to get his head straight.

He thinks he’s making progress in his new life until his club president calls and tells him there is an emergency and he needs to come home. Hanging up, he’s forced to admit that his feelings for Sophie are still there. He’d failed to exercise her from his heart. It didn’t matter, it was time to man up.

Cole had avoided his club responsibilities long enough; he heads home with every intention of being the best friend he can be to Slate and Sophie. The operative word being “friend”. The true test to his vow will be the first time he comes face to face with Sophie.

Will he be able to be around her and not tell her how he feels? What if he told her? What if she returned his feelings? What if she told him to drop dead? What if Slate wanted to kill him?

What if …


Jackson met Calliope when she moved into the house across the street from his parents. He’d thought she was the prettiest thing he’d ever seen, until he found out she was sixteen years old—cue the sound of screeching tires. He immediately put her in the friends only column and that’s where he continued to keep her for four more years.

One night she catches him home alone. He’d been drinking or he’d never had let things go as far as they did. In a weak moment, he takes her to bed, only to wake up the next morning telling her it never should have happened and it was a mistake, despite the fact she was now twenty years old. Immediately, he sees he’s broken her heart, but he couldn’t help it. There was eight years between them and he just couldn’t get over that fact.

Thanks to his unkind words and actions, Calliope gives up and moves to Boulder. At first, he thought it was for the best. It would be good for her to date guys closer to her own age. Then he gets a phone call saying she’s been in an accident and is in the hospital. He rushes to her side and quickly sees how his hang-ups have affected her.

Realizing he could have lost her forever, and that his entire way of keeping her at a distance was completely jacked and jaded, he decides he doesn’t want to live his life without her any longer. He’s going to claim her as his, even if he has to fight Calliope herself. He only hopes that the one thing he’s been keeping from her doesn’t push her away forever.

Trick’s life hasn’t always been easy.

He’d gotten a girl pregnant and tried to do the right thing by marry her. It wasn’t the ideal situation, but he’d always known he wanted to get married and a have a family someday. He made the best of it until he couldn’t do it anymore.

Once the divorce is final, he vowed to never settle down with any one woman again. Yes, being a single parent was hard, and—he’d never admit it—lonely from time to time. He figured it was better than being stuck with someone he couldn’t stand. Besides, he liked his life just the way it was. He had his kids, his club and all the freedom to live his life the way he wanted.

Lindsey was looking for a little adventure, some excitement to stir up her otherwise boring life.

She got more than she bargained for when she hooked up with Trick, a Sons of

Redemption brother. He’d blown her mind. She had no idea six could be that good. She was afraid he’d ruined her for all other men. Never has she felt so free or so alive as she did with him.

She’s always lived her life playing by the rules, doing what was safe, what was expected of her. Now a part of her wants to throw caution to the wind and see where things might lead between them. The problem is outside forces are determined to keep pulling them apart. For Trick, it’s his ex-wife. For Lindsey, it’s a friend from her past. Although, he comes across as a good guy, there is something about him that is just off.

Trick doesn’t like Lindsey’s friend. The man clearly wants what belongs to him and is willing to stop at nothing to have her. Everything inside Trick tells him Lindsey is in danger and if he doesn’t act fast, he could lose her forever.

As the president of the Sons of Redemption MC, Race barely has any time to himself. Between juggling all things SORMC related, spending what time he can with his children and constantly keeping an eye out for threats, his personal life has become repetitive and dull.

When a friend of the wife of one of his club brothers moves in next door to him, Race is instantly intrigued. He finds himself watching her from his window like a teenage boy, hoping to get any glimpse of her he can get. His children tease him relentlessly and if his brothers at the club ever found out, they’d give him ten kinds of hell.

He tries to keep his distance, but for one reason or another, he finds himself in her company more than he intends. He’s forced to continually remind himself that there’s no place for her in his life. She’s too soft and sweet. She isn’t old lady material.

Or so he thought.

Bellamy feels like a complete idiot. Why is she so hung up on the Sons of Redemption MC president? Of all the men in the world, why him? The man is impossible and she swears his only interest in her is to drive her nuts.

As her landlord, he takes forever to fix things at her house. He’s constantly surrounded by skanky women, one of which shows up on her doorstep, and the worst offense of all was when he stole her refrigerator and her Rocky Road ice cream. Seriously? Who does that? Who steals a woman’s ice cream? 

While Bellamy is trying to figure out if she should pack up and move to another house, one far away from her sexy and infuriating neighbor, things at the club are heating up. Will Race’s club life spill over into Bellamy’s? Will he be able to protect her from past enemies? Most importantly, will he be able to convince her he has had a change of heart and wants her in his life, now and always?

A night out on the town with his brothers was just what he needed. Constantly dodging his ex’s calls and text messages was wearing on Tuck. He didn’t care what she had to say. He’d ended things with her and nothing she said would change his mind.

As his eyes scan the dance floor, they land on a beautiful strawberry blonde woman in a hot little black dress and heels. The way she dances and moves to the music is inspiring. She spins around and he’s completely caught off guard to discover that it’s Kylie, his friend the computer whiz. Where had she been hiding this version of herself? In his drunken state all he can think is that he has to have her.

What’s a girl supposed to do when the man she’s been half in love with since the very first kiss he gave her at fourteen says he has to have you? You go with him obviously. The night was everything Kylie could have ever hoped for—hot, steamy, earth moving—until he calls her another woman’s name and passes out. Devastated, she tries to leave but realizes she has no car. She’s all set to call for a cab, but one of his club brothers stumbles across her and offers to give her a ride home.

Several weeks go by with no word from Tuck. Then the club president calls and offers her a job, but she’s worried about seeing Tuck again. Not only does she see him at the Sons of Redemption clubhouse, she sees him with another woman. Before she can seal the deal on her new job and get out of there, she runs into Tuck and by the time she’s done talking to him, she realizes he has no memory of their night together. Unbelievable.

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